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Tuck-pointing is removing old or damaged mortar through chiseling and then replacing it with a new seal. This will preserve the bricks from additional damage. Spending this money now will avoid replacing all the bricks if they begin to give way. After the brick is replaced, another mortar is used (tuck-pointing) that will secure the bricks in place and prevent water, humidity, and other moisture from further damaging the structure.

Color Matching

An important factor in tuck-pointing is to carefully match the color of the mortar so that it will blend in with that older mortar that will remain. 

Joint Grinding

It is critical that new mortar not simply be added over the old.  The mason needs to get down until solid mortar is felt.  This may mean grinding out areas and fixing all holes.

It is not necessary to replace all the old mortar.  We recommend only replacing that which is damaged unless you want to change the entire color of all the mortar on the structure.