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Concrete walkways, stairs and patios are a mainstay of our business.  We can install new or complete repairs.  Foundations and basements are often in need of rehabilitation and we are ready to help, including waterproofing and retaining walls.

Older homes sometimes has original concrete parging, which is a coating over concrete to give it a smooth or finished look.  Over time this parging will need repairs which involves metal lathes, a new coat of cement and a finish coat.  This process can be necessary on foundation walls, chimneys, or exterior walls.

Some masons will simply apply parging over already damaged brick chimneys or parapet walls.  This will not be a very durable solution and the owner will find it necessary to spend more in a short time to affect the adhesion for the surface.

We also deal with commercial clients to work on loading docks, ramps, and other structural repairs necessary to keep the building in safe and good condition for the benefit of their customers and employees.