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Bricks can deteriorate over time and you may notice some at the foot of walls, masonry porches, and brick columns around Ottawa, Nepean, Kanata and Orleans.  On properties where the brick is a century old, the glazing may have worn off.  Exposed bricks can be vulnerable to the elements, especially rain and snow. 

Tuck-pointing is a viable solution to crumbling bricks and open mortar joints.  Tuck-pointing is grinding out and replacing individual bricks and replacing them with new, solid bricks and fresh mortar.  We make every effort to match the bricks and mortar color as closely as possible.

Other common brick and stone replacements involves the area beneath window sills, parapet walls, and retaining walls.

Commercial buildings often need modifications to their brick or block constructed entrances.  This includes loading doors and access docks.  We have significant experience working with these changes as well as facade repairs or refacing.  Since these simple repairs can greatly enhance the appearance and value of property, we have developed the reputation for our quality of repairs along with consideration for a safe working environment.