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What are the different kinds of masonry projects?

Masonry projects can be anything from a simple mortar replacement to a full-scale rebuild or structural reinforcement.  At Masonry Ottawa we accept projects involving brick work, block work, additions, kitchens, fireplaces, garden paths, retaining walls, tuck-pointing, benches.  Basically any type of repair or build involving bricks and stone.

Is there a difference between brick and concrete?

Bricks are made from a mixture involving either clay or shale.  Concrete is made from a cement mixture.  Pavers made from concrete are known for their compressive strength, which is why they are frequently used for driveways, paths and patios.

My chimney is broken. Can you fix it?

Do not use a chimney if you feel it is broken.  Call us immediately and we will examine the structure and determine its safety.  We have extensive experience dealing with all types of chimney problems including crowns.  The chimney crown is that top piece that is covered with cement and is usually sloped.  It protects and secures the top of the chimney itself.

Are masonry contractors licensed?

Yes.  Just like other contractors the company should maintain all necessary licenses and certifications and be insured.

Just what is masonry construction?

Masonry is a skilled service that deals with brick, concrete block, stone (natural and manufactured), and stucco applied over a concrete masonry base.

Why should I add masonry around my home or building?

Curb appeal is always important in a house or office structure.  It helps increase the property value and adds a finished appearance.  It is based on structural soundness and has many other benefits that we would be pleased to discuss.

If you have questions, don’t hesitate to contact us. We have service representatives that love to discuss masonry and its many uses and advantages. We are happy to send one of our specialists to your location to examine the area and make recommendations.