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Maintaining chimneys in good condition is serious business especially from the perspective of health and safety. We are proud to offer this service in Ottawa, Nepean, Kanata, Orleans, and the surrounding areas.

We have experience with both residential and commercial chimneys.


Replacement shaled or spalling bricks, including individual bricks


Deficient mortar joints grinding and retooling


Color matching

A typical problem is moisture infiltrating through comprised brick courses.  Frequently it means the replacement of a cement cap at the top of the fireplace.  These are either precast or cast in place concrete structures.  For custom work, we prepare a wood form and pour the concrete to the exact specifications.  Our finished product will correctly shed water and protect the fireplace and the adjacent structure.

If you notice the fireplace beginning to show deterioration, and if it is restricted to the top portion, tuckpointing is a viable option.  It will deter the ongoing damage and help preserve the fireplace.  However, if the brickwork is beginning to falter at or near the base or the structure is starting to lean, the only solution is to rebuild the chimney.

Rebuilding involves removing all the bricks to a point that is below the roof grade.  Then new bricks are laid.  We are frequently able to match the existing bricks, but not always.  A new cap is installed.  Any of the clay flue tiles are replaced if they are damaged or unusable.  We will also re-set the metal liner if the chimney also serves the gas furnace or fireplaces.  We also install a metal screen or rain hat to prevent rodents or other small insects from infiltration and to prevent water from rain or snow from coming into the flue.

We also install the metal flashings to assure the base of the chimney to the roof are waterproofed. 

The cost of any repairs or replacement are dependent on a number of factors like access, roof pitch, size of the chimney, degree of deterioration or damage.  By selecting a professional, experienced masonry company, you will receive the appropriate attention to safety and quality.  A properly rebuilt chimney can last for decades with reliable service and durability.

At Masonry Ottawa we have experience working with all types of architectural designs, heritage homes, and commercial properties.  We are happy to provide you with references and examples of our workmanship.